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Treat yourself and/or someone you care about to the mindful gift of self care. We've carefully curated the most thoughtful and soothing items. Use an item on it's own or combine them to help start your own self care routines. Our Self Care Tool Kit includes:

1 Lavender Roller    1 5.5 oz Bath Bomb

1 Energy Roller        1 Amethyst Crystal

1 Floating Candle     1 Fluorite Crystal Bracelet

Lavender and Energy Rollers are 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils by Plant Therapy brand.  Each Roller is 10 ml. Crystal is genuine Amethyst. Crystal bracelet is genuine Fluorite. Floating candle is 2". 5.5 oz Bath Bomb is tennis ball size and Lavender scented with pure lavender essential oil. Bath Bomb is all natural. No artificial ingredients.

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