Forbidden Road Yoga Wheel Exercise Wheel Prop for Release Tight Chest and Shoulders Deepen Back bend Stretching and Improving Yoga Poses and Flexibility Balance and Core Strength (Purple)

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Brand: Forbidden Road

Color: Purple


  • Maximum Stretch : The wheel is ideal for stretching out stiff muscles. Props are a great way to slowly work out muscles that are tight, gradually increasing your flexibility and opening up the body. With continued practice you will help the body master more complex and challenging poses.
  • Improve Strength : Improving flexibility and getting the most out of every movement is great, but we can not forget about strength. Switch up your planks while holding on to the yoga wheel or lift your feet and feel your core and upper body strength improve.
  • Special Design : Circular in shape and sturdy by design, these intriguing props are designed to stretch out the front and back of your body while acting as a guide for more advanced poses, such as back bends. Yoga wheels are not only for the seasoned yogi, they are an easily accessible tool that benefits everyone, whether you sit at a desk throughout the day or workout to the max.
  • Perfect Size : 13 inch diameter 5 inch wide ,the yoga wheel is the ideal size for anyone between 5" and 6.5". This is the size that will suit the majority of yoga practitioners to provide maximum comfort and support.
  • Unique Color Matching : The purple matching black yoga wheel is prepared for personalized your, looked special and mysterious. The wheel show the unique taste and discrimination.

Publisher: Forbidden Road

Details: Benefits of the yoga wheel :
Stretching the chest, shoulders, back, abs and hips
Helping to release tension in the muscles
Remove myofascial adhesions
Build strength in the core and back
Improve balance and coordination
Add an extra challenge to numerous dharma yoga poses
Assist the transition to headstands and handstands
Making yoga practice more fun

Ways to up your yoga game with the yoga wheel :
1) Deepen Classic Poses : You can use the yoga wheel to deepen classic poses. it strengthens your balance, benefiting your practice for years to come.
2) Assist in Handstands : Using a yoga wheel helps aid in learning how to press up into a handstand, giving you a solid base from which to try even greater postures.
3) Improving flexibility and strength : The yoga wheel is a wonderful gear to enhance flexibility and strength. Which can improving flexibility and getting the most out of every movement.

Color :
Purple with black

Size & weight :
Size : 13*5 inch
Weight : 3.4 lbs

Warranty :
ONE YEARWarranty Guaranteed.

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