Discover Your Soul Purpose 2020 Workshop

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Do you feel like you are being called for more? Something different, something unknown, but your soul is definitely yearning for change?
Do you feel stuck in your current situation? Not quite sure how you got where you are and know in your gut there's must be a different path?
Have you been feeling mood swings, ringing in your ears with what feels like constant overwhelm or chaos?

Abundance and flow are our natural state. When we are walking within our soul path, we experience a rooted flow and beautiful things, people and experiences are drawn to us.

Each of us has a Soul Purpose in this life. A reason and a purpose to fulfill in this lifetime. Yes, you too! Every single soul, every single being has a mission to fulfill while we are here.

If you are not walking within your Soul Purpose you know it, you feel it deep in your core. You are restless and seeking and searching until you do.
If any of this is resonating with you, I invite you to join me and Lena Servin, fellow Certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner. @serenitycovehome for our Discovering Your Soul Purpose 2020 Mini Retreat ✨🙌🏼✨ Discovering Your Soul Purpose 2020

Saturday, January 11th 11 a.m. - 2pm

39700 Via Del Oro, Temecula, CA

Vegan Lunch Included $55

We are drawing upon the sacred energy and vibrations of the number 1111 ✨💫✨ ✨ Energy Cleansing Ceremony ✨ Guided Meditation to Leave Behind What Doesn't Serve you in 2020 ✨ Connect With Your Higher Self Through Sacred Acoustics/Sound Healing ✨ Guided Journal Questions That Help You Discover Your Soul Purpose & The First Steps On How To Move Forward On That Path ✨ Create Vision Boards With Inspiration To Keep You On Your Path For 2020 ✨ Closing Circle of Support ✨Vegan Lunch Included

DM or email questions:

Venmo, Cheri-SmithCYT 

Don't waste another year not experiencing the bliss, joy and flow of what it feels like to walk within your soul purpose! This is your year!! Abundance is your birth right!