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CBD Yoga Workshop

The CBD Yoga Teacher

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The ultimate exploration of Self-care Sunday! Learn the safe, natural and effective benefits of combining CBD and Yoga. 💚 Includes CBD samples.

You can expect to learn how CBD works within your body, how to navigate the ever-growing market of CBD products and how to incorporate the exact right CBD products and Yoga poses for your needs. 

About Your Guide:

Cheri Smith, The CBD Yoga Teacher, is a certified Yoga Instructor and CBD Educator. She was selected as the CBD Yoga Expert for CBD Zeitgeist Magazine. @cbdzeitgeist She's been featured in articles by the Valley News, The Hindu, The Voyager and will be teaching Virtual CBD Yoga at the US CBD Expo hosted by Cannavist Magazine this Fall! @cannavistmag

Cheri found the healing synergistic effects of CBD and Yoga helped her manage her own anxiety, depression, arthritis/chronic pain as well as the symptoms from multiple auto-immune diseases.  

Even if you are in great health, CBD and Yoga combo is a fountain of youth that keeps you moving at your highest potential! 

CBD can also help to prolong the savasana feelings (restorative vibes) of bliss after you leave the mat. When we are feeling good, our brain naturally produces and releases a neurotransmitter called Anandamide. In Sanskrit, ‘Ananda’ means ‘bliss’, which is why Anandamide is aptly named the ‘bliss molecule’. Like all neurotransmitters, Anandamide is fragile and breaks down quickly in the body, which is why it doesn’t produce a perpetual state of bliss. It’s been found that CBD suppresses the enzyme that breaks down Anandamide. Thus creating longer-lasting effects from the naturally occurring Anandamide in our system. In other words, that blissful feeling you get from your YOGA session can be enhanced even more by incorporating CBD into the mix.

Let us explore the healing and the blissful state of CBD with yoga! Come with an open mind and willingness to learn more about CBD holistic benefits for the body and mind.

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