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CBD Sleep Box

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New - CBD Sleep Box 💤😴💤 6" x 4" x 3"
• Longing for a full night of sleep?

• Avoiding sleeping pills and other habit forming sleep aids?

• Need help falling asleep and/or staying asleep, but need to be able to wake up with a clear head if your kid needs something in the middle of the night? 

CBD Sleep Box
• Genuine wooden box with brass overlay of moon and stars. • CBD PM Capsules, 25mg CBD, 3mg Melatonin, 30 capsules, 1 each night.
• CBD Oil Roller, 100mg CBD, Organic Lavender and Frankincense therapeutic grade essential oils. Roll on pulse points for ultimate relaxation and aromatherapy. Use before bed.
• Rose Quartz Crystal - Calms emotions and centers your heart to help induce sleep.
• Amethyst Crystal - Soothing, serene frequency that helps reduce anxiety.
• Cotton carry bag for oil roller and Crystals.

Makes a gorgeous gift or treat yourself to a full night sleep!

I'll be showing full details in Fridays Live Sale at Noon.

* Very Limited Supply