Reiki Intro & Share

Tuesday, September 15th 7pm Free Event Have you been curious about Reiki energy and want to learn more? Or maybe you were certified a while back and want to revisit the energy? Are you struggling with health issues that the doctors can't quite pinpoint? Have you always had a very strong connection to animals and want to deepen that energetic connection? Do you want to gather with others and sit in the magic of Reiki Energy Healing? And/or maybe there's a whisper in soul calling you to this Divine Healing Energy? Then unite with us for a Soul Healing Reiki Intro & Share!! Draw from the beauty and power of the surrounding nature. *Free Event Contact Cheri Smith for more info.

Reiki I Training & Certification


I was selected to be the CBD Yoga Expert for CBD Zeitgeist - Germany's #1 CBD Magazine!! I've already written my first article. Check it out, along with other cutting edge info on all things CBD and CBD culture! Follow them on Instagram @cbdzeitgeist and click the link below to view my bio and article. I'm under the "Sports" section.


Sip & Shop Live Via Instagram Fridays 6pm

CBD, Healing Crystals, Sage, Palo Santo, Meditation Cards, Weighted Lavender Eye Pillows and More!!! ✨ Now more than ever CBD and meditation tools are definitely considered essential items!! ✨ Hang with me Fridays 6pm PST. on Instagram Live. Live replays found in my Insta Feed and my IGTV (found within Instagram).✨ It's a VIP shopping experience! I will display several different healing crystals and meditation items. You can ask questions, make comments and buy items as we go, it will be completely interactive! ✨ Local "No Contact" pickup and delivery available. I also ship to all 50 states through my Shopify website. ✨ Get the CBD and meditation items you need to help manage your stress in a healthy way during this time. I had to move my Healing Den and Boutique inside my home --> No longer off Winchester by Mall. Join me virtually!!! See you Friday at 6pm PST!!

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Schedule Your CBD Girls Night!

It's a Girls Night without the hangover! You provide light refreshments and your friends. I provide CBD samples, education and a very gentle yoga class (available for beginners and those with limited movement). It's a Melty experience! Event can be held during day or evening.

Contact Cheri Smith, The CBD Yoga Teacher for your CBD Yoga Girls Night Experience! *Available in the Temecula and San Diego areas only.  


Benefits of CBD

1. CBD Relieves Pain, Even Chronic Pain

Early research has shown promising results for the use of CBD oil in relieving pain and chronic pain.

Many studies have found that CBD can reduce joint inflammation and other inflammatory pain, without side effects.

CBD has also showed reduction in pain and muscle spasms in people with Multiple Sclerosis.

Try the Infinite CBD Dropper to drop CBD under your tongue to work internally to reduce inflammation. Couple that with the Infinite CBD Freezing Point topical cream to rub onto sore muscles and pain areas externally. This internally/external treatment is a one, two punch to beat Chronic Pain.

2. CBD Reduces Anxiety & Depression

CBD helps treat anxiety and depression.

This is thought to be caused by CBD's ability to activate the brain receptors for serotonin, the neurotransmitter that regulates mood, as well as appetite and sleep.

Try Infinite CBD Droppers to drop CBD under your tongue for long term Anxiety and/or Depression treatment. Infinite CBD Rocketship (Gummies) are great for use in children/teens with Anxiety and/or Depression. Or just a fun and tasty way to get your CBD!

3. CBD Alleviates Cancer Symptoms & May Have Anti-Tumor Effects

Both the American Cancer Society  and the National Cancer Institute recognize CBD's potential in slowing and reducing the spread of cancer cells.

While they emphasize that CBD is not a cure, plenty of research shows it can be highly beneficial in inhibiting the progression of many types of cancer, including breast, lung, prostate and colon cancer.

CBD is also effective in lowering cancer-related pain, as well as nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

Try Infinite CBD Droppers and Nano Water. Drop CBD under your tongue for whole body effects. CBD Nano Water is another great way to get your CBD medicine.

4. Improves Skin Health

CBD is excellent at treating acne, acne scars, dark spots, fine wrinkles and small wounds due it's it's anti-inflammatory properties.

In fact, it may be more effective than vitamin C and E in improving skin conditions.

Try Infinite CBD's After Glow skin serum for all of your skin needs.

5. Lowers Risk of Diabetes & Heart Disease

Some scientists also believe that CBD could have the potential to help treat type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Droppers under the tongue are great long term management.

6. Reduces Seizures in Epilepsy

Much of the research on CBD has looked at its seizure-reducing effects on two rare forms of childhood-onset epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.

In fact, the FDA just approved the first prescription cannabis drug, called Epidiolex, for these two forms of epilepsy.

Again, Dropper are great for long term use. Asteroids (Gummies) are a great choice for children and teens.

7. Displays Antipsychotic Properties

Other research has focused on CBD's anti-psychotic properties and its role in patients with schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease with positive results.

Dropper for CBD drops under the tongue are a great choice.

8. Helps Treat Substance Abuse

Interestingly, CBD actually counteracts the psychoactive properties of THC, meaning it may help those addicted to marijuana.

In similar studies, it's been shown to help with addiction to other substances like tobacco, alcohol and even heroin.

Droppers under the tongue.

9. Aids in Sleep & Relaxation

CBD has shown to be effective at inducing relaxation and even sleep. At lower dose, it produces a relaxing, but uplifting feeling. In larger dose, it can help induce sleep.

Combine CBD with Melatonin for an effective sleep aid.

The Infinite CBD PM Capsules with 3g Melatonin are a perfect choice here!

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Yoga Testimonial

Cheri has played such an important role in my life. Her Restorative Meditation classes have allowed me to process a lot of emotion. Her voice is EVERYTHING! It has helped to clear my mind with its soothing cadence. Thank you Cheri for being a catalyst in my journey of self care and improvement!

Candise T.

Yoga Testimonial

Cheri is an exquisite Yoga Teacher! Her soothing voice and calming presence creates a peaceful atmosphere. Cheri's knowledge and love of yoga makes all of her classes magical and an all around beautiful experience.

Micaela D.

CBD Dropper with Terpenes

"Absolutely LOVE these! I love the flavors, the ability to dose for your needs & how clear my mind is, especially with my recovery from brain aneurysm surgery. Just got my second box!! I’m beyond grateful to finally find Infinite CBD & you will be too!"

Jennifer R.

CBD Anxiety Testimonial

My Doctor recommended that I try CBD oil and reduce the amount of anxiety medication I have been taking. I purchased the blueberry and take the recommended dose and I have reduced my anxiety medication by half. I would 100% recommend this product for anyone with anxiety.

Anonymous Infinite CBD User

Pet Dropper Testimonial

"My little dog had a bad seizure a few months ago and was in bad shape...I thought he was going to die.
I started giving him cbd pet drops a month ago and within a week he started walking around with his tail up...He’s starting to put weight back on too. He’s so happy now and I just want to thank Infinite CBD. Your product may have saved my dog’s life."